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4-Channel Intelect Legend XT 4 Channel Combo Unit $2,990
Amrex Spectrum Micro 1000 Microcurrent $3,985
NuViva Microcurrent Device $385
MC Electric V5000 $7,685
SPRINT PNS System $5,975
MC V7500 $8,975
MC 2250 WAND $1,985
ZONARE Z.ONE Ultrasound System $11,450
HSI Mano S $1,485
XLDP-FM MI 750 Procedure Light - Portable $3,4895
ACIST CVi Pedestal Injection System X Ray Injector $4,655
MindRay MP10: Easiest to Use pain relief Unit with 10 Pre-Set Pain Relieving $169
ArjoHuntleigh Flowtron ACS800 Compression Pump $498
Philips Avalon CTS M1351a $1,495
BioBase Air Sterilizer AS550 $1675
BioBase 5450 $3250
Auto Urine Analyzer UA-240 $14.890